About Us

Why we made the choice to approach medical billing as a Boutique serves. MBSC’s hands on approach allows us to get to know each practice and better understand how we can help them succeed. Instead of being an anonymous face in a crowd, you get personalized service. Many practices are burnt out on big-box nationwide billing company’s and the lack of customer service that sometimes comes with these larger firms. Our level of specialization in billing and coding specifically to California practices is unmatched.

about Patti Thompson

Patti has been working in the medical billing field over 20 years acquiring four coding and billing credentials. During this time she has worked with many specialties, anesthesia, cardiology, general surgery, bariatric, urology, gynecology, chiropractic, dermatology, GI, ENT, ophthalmology-general and retina, orthopedic, spine, pain management, physical therapy, plastic surgery, podiatry, and reconstructive surgery. However ambulatory surgery centers have always been her passion. “My goals are to work in connection with the medical staff in ensuring that their services are properly reimbursed. This can be done with ongoing educational information provided to the medical staff regarding billing issues, the changes insurance companies are making and also educating the patients at the onset of treatment of what they can expect from their insurance company.” “I believe that if the billing office, medical staff, insurance company and the patient all work together then the medical billing process can be achieved with positive results for all parties involved.”